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The paradoxes ignite the imagination



What can imagine a witness of a scene where a person gives a "slap" to his companion, pronouncing at the same time the word, "I love you"?
The action (in any case inadmissible), connected to an objectively incongruent sentence, (assuming that from the voice's tone, we can't derive any indication for an evaluation aid), prefigure for the observer an unsettling scenario, of multiple and problematic implications.
The fact clearly inappropriate and reckless, wrapped of an absurd connotation, encouraging the observer to find an urgent and rational interpretation.
In conclusion a scenario where incoherent images and words are connected, disorient the observer's perceptions, multiply and complicate the understanding, in other words the paradoxes ignite the imagination.
That said, I think the title that I associate to my paintings, deliberately devoid of didactic character, contextualize the same, that is, the title goes into a new multidimensional space whose coordinates are made up of multiple implications of a thought.
The title's words are intended to deliver to the images a meaning that goes beyond their habitual use, allowing you to discover unsuspected aspects.
An experiment in which open images, (albeit containing fragments of reality and hierarchies figures) in a dialogue with the words, offer to the observer various ideas to get a sense.
Concepts used as tools to combine knowledge's connections, not to give a name to things, but to bring out residues unexplored, opaque areas, ambiguities and attractive solutions.
This should permit at the observer to feel the artwork not as a representation, but as an allusion, a laterality, a shadow of life to stimulate attention and memory.
And also, understanding the artwork as a kind of organism, an organized entity able to find nourishment from its surroundings in order to survive and transforming it.
A place where the node breaks the linearity, giving space to the tangle, to the rupture, to the imperfection and to the insecurity.
A proposal that it isn't a story but that looks like a cry, an uncomfortable gesture, a tear.
An artifice presenting complex geometrical shapes, so unconventional, it demands the collaboration of the viewer / reader, which are whispered questions to "force him" to think.
Forms, not domesticated by technical expertise and academic ability, rough, enigmatic, thirsting for justice and, at times, even of revenge, animated by a polysemic vibration, obstinately refusing poetic, symbolic, dreamlike and magical references.
An ostentation of intense materiality, murky, a mix of strength and vitality with a premonition to the tragedy, a sensuality exhibition with a restless inspiration.
A constructed language with a syntax that is neither naive nor intuitive, where a passionate rationality is placed at the service to the strong human vision, to determine into the observer an imaginative impulse that opposes to the arid ratification of consumption and possession, that makes feeble the critical thinking, turning off any possibility of future.