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Do not expect to change man but try to make him aware


Contemporary painting, while echoing an ancient method, still remains an effective channel of communication, alternative to media, provided itís subjected to a conceptual revision.
Must be reconsidered not the way to do paintings, but the way to understand them.
Do not expect to limit the search to an unlikely and indeterminable aesthetic beauty, but conceive the art works as generators of a language that knows how to talk about our existence problems, even from a particular point of view.
Do not express outrage and anguish, but try to awake awareness to counteract the terrible effects of an economy based on short-term profit and a culture that wants to simplify everything.
In order to prevent the rising of sinister characters who flock the populisms, using the despair and anger to create the need for a charlatan leader, it's necessary not remain passive to the weakening of democratic principles.

Only the assumption of a strong individual responsibility may open a perspective of collective and shared growth, avoiding to remain prisoners of a hostile fate, oppressive, packed by few others: but ask yourself how to live better and how to do.

The space of our mind is full by images, thoughts and experiences, structured and exchanged in the lived time, that provide us a vision (likely) of the awareness, that allows to adapt us to the environment in ways not genetic.

Operate on the look, influencing, contaminating and disorienting it to provide dynamism to the process of interpretation could change the linearity of perception, filling it of pitfalls and doubts, leading the perception to confront with those uncertainties and those shadows that govern our life. And allow, then, the viewer to have another and desirable awareness, feel it near, as the next, just "around the corner", where you can free out from numbness, from the confusion and away from the oppressive gloom that hangs our time.


A possible solution

Analog diagram of how I conceive my art works to provide a contribution to the idea of change



The incident ray is the title that should influence the mental act of interpretation.

The rotating prism is the framework "tied". An object that evokes feeling and formal rigor, precision and indeterminateness: ambiguity but not vagueness.

The spectrum is the multiplicity aspects of reality seen through a hybridized look.



Rethinking the action of seeing through the use of the node that competes effectiveness narrative, it can excite the imagination, so that the ideas can reach conceptualizations previously unthinkable, giving new knowledge on the most rational way to understand things.
The real object (the artwork) and the object represented by the title, although they do not have semantic relationship between them, they constitute a combination able to produce deliberately confusion and disorientation, in order to feel continuously from certain to the unsafe, from tangible to the intangible.
A challenge to the intelligence that have to work on assumptions that lead to conflicting results, feel the need to seek a congruence, find a common way for understand.

A path along where many thoughts crowd and blend, in the knowledge or presumption of being a constituent part of the artwork.

If the observer gets involved and participates in the proposed "conceptual game", he can discover how these thoughts are interconnected till to the resonance.

Will be so finally possible, scanning the visible to get also the invisible, to melt the controllable and the imponderable in a never-ending inexhaustible process, and arrive to a universe configured by imagination and reasoning: a new objectivity, another awareness.