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The artwork doesnít need to know but to think



"There is nothing immutable, except the need for change"

"The logic takes you from A to B.
The imagination will take you everywhere"

Albert Einstein

The title "tied" to my artworks, making it deliberately and unavoidably their organic part, itís not going to clarify the contents because they do not have.
To it is assigned the task, all intellectual, to amplify the margins of ambiguity to make less clear, linear and immediate the reading of the artwork.

The opacity and disorder referential resulting determines a cognitive reaction of the observerís imagination that, in his attempt to master and make sense of the unexpected invasion, discovers thoughts and feelings from the interaction of his inner world with a knotted material space perceived initially as unknown.

The objective is to determine, through a raw material illuminated by the word, an experience "true" that is a complex comparison, full of contradictions, sometimes reasonable and unreasonable at the same time.

This avoids, to the viewer, to lie down on the most immediate solution, to trust too much of his intuitions or to pay attention to what confirms established ideas because this prevents the growth of knowledge, innovation, the desire for the future and evaporates every desire for change.

Is exactly on the inevitability of change I want to draw the viewer's attention.

In fact, the viewer must be aware that, to avoid being locked into a unchanging and dramatically expanded present until made himself inert, confused and dazed, impoverished by the incomprehensible despotic and pervasive power of financial system, and to free themselves from the precariousness and control imposed by the technology of the digital age, all we need to reflect and rethink our position with and between people to make our lives more fulfilling and interesting.

It must, that is, to feel involved in prefigure a coexistence model that can reduce the hardships and difficulties of the contemporary age, to identify those elements that encourage the sharing, collaboration and union as an alternative to those of confrontation, conflict and domination.