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Perceptive integration


The fruition affected by words


The value of an image comes out from the relationship between the artwork and the viewer who finds inside himself, in his inner life, in his culture and expectations, the sense of what is sour rounding him, stimulated by the “artifices” created by the artist. The viewer has the sole interpretative responsibility of the artwork as his aesthetic experience is neither predictable nor completely in the hands of the artist. In fact, the idea that the “visible” has a mathematical and homogeneous dimension, hence it is independent from the perceiver, has been dismantled by the discovery of the inconsistencies of the eye: the vision is an unrepeatable action and the one who observes "produces" the image that he is watching.

However, I believe that combining my works with phrases, linking them to a specific moment of my experience, is a significant clue and an opportunity to arrive to a new meaning able to change the actual vision.

A method to optimize the perception, to stimulate the imagination of the observer. A conceptual moment where the stimulus received by the text creates a strong relationship between the rational vision and the capability to look over the appearance.

The emotion and the reason together are an addiction, the artefact appears in a new light, as a reflection of a non-gregarious thought, where the evocative power is able to model the status of the object enriching it with a quid, not anymore a simple ornamental accessory, filling the incompleteness that the viewer feels generally in the contemporary art: then the artwork extends its boundaries, giving a frame of the present, interpreting the climate of our period and witnessing its different souls.